27 August 2009

Really important question

Due to a sad, overplayed "workout mix" in my ipod, I have developed the following question: Which is the better rhyme? Nelly's intrepid use of "...bottles, ...models, ...throttle, ...goggles," or Sir Mix-a-Lot's "...Honda, ...Fonda, ...anaconda." I ponder this question on a regular basis.

In other news, the quilt progresses but I've started a new set of projects that are top secret for the time being. And the house situation will hopefully be made official on Sunday, then there will be much rejoicing. And trips to Ikea and the plant nursery.

19 August 2009


It looks like we're moving (at some point...)! I just spent all this time trying make a sketch of it on my lame tablet pc, but the sketch program will only export in LAME formats. WTF? So you'll just have to imagine it for now. BUT, it's got space, a yard, and a garage (and allows Mr. R) so what else could I possibly need. Maybe I'll give this exportation thing another go. Stand by...

Hah! Oh, Microsoft Paint, when will I shell out the cash for a real program so that I don't need you anymore? But this is what the front of the house will look like once I get my hands on some cheap giant pots (it's all concrete). The back will be a project of epic proportions, but there are two apple trees, a fig tree, and a whole bunch of dead lawn that really wants to be converted to a mini-farm. I may have to subscribe to Sunset Magazine. Does that mean I'm old?

16 August 2009


OK, back from ABQ where we discovered an unreasonable amount of broken glass on the roads and bike paths. But we also discovered thorn-resistant tubes. Apparently the locals roll them WITH SEALANT and that's how they avoid flats. I actually carried Clyde through a bike path underpass to avoid what must have been several fifths of who knows what.

But now I'm home and after sending N off at 4:30 a.m. I've had an alarmingly productive Sunday. Finished and combined the quilt squares yesterday:

N was a bit startled by the lack of pattern/symmetry, but I think he's getting over it. Then I added top and bottom borders, made a backing, and then a "quilt sandwich" and THEN started on what is now my least favorite part of quilting: hand basting it all together.

On the up side, it does show how cool the back may eventually look...

Now it's just a couple of bajillion tiny stitches between me and finished! This has all been additionally challenging as I've been keeping all fingers and toes crossed about a potential rental house that would be AWESOME. Like a hundred billion hot dogs, sir.