10 November 2009

Day 2

Meh. Not so bad... yet. Though I burned my tongue this morning on some too-hot tea, so that's bumming me out. And I'm getting bored of chewing so much (silly roughage). So far shunning booze and cheese isn't boosting my desire to work, though. Surfing the internet is just so much more fun! And now to read some of The Canon (Natalie Angier), which I have been slowly making my way through

09 November 2009

Day 1

Today is the first day (of 10, hopefully) of ye' olde raw fruit & veg cleanse. Since I'm already borderline vegan, this isn't a huge switch, and I'm keeping some minor and not so minor exceptions (can you call it a "cleanse" while still drinking coffee every morning?). But it is still a bit of a challenge. And always impressive to see how much tea I can drink when I'm bored of the food options.

And luckily I live in a state where farmers' markets are still open in November. When I did this last spring, it led to some interesting results, so we'll see what this brings (look, Ma, no more Diet Coke!). So far just a craft project plan and some more tiny, tiny stitches. Perhaps tomorrow I will provide a quilt update (no, it's not finished). Mmmmm, Bedtime Tea...

08 November 2009


Today we built a compost bin! Hooray, no more storing compost in the metal trash can that got all stinky and full of fruit flies. Despite some disagreement on the design (see creative use of found wood), it turned out okay, I think. I did accidentally disrupt an Argentine ant nest in the process of moving my small pile of yard clippings and leaves into the bin. I feel about 5% bad about that.

Really, I only feel 5% bad about killing a bunch of ants and ant larvae (and disrupting their home) because I read Elizabeth Kolbert's review of Jonathan Safran Foer's new book about vegetarianism. Of course, I don't eat meat (and less and less eggs & cheese, these days) but, well, there is this awkward question about where to draw that line, right? I've seen video of Argentine ants interacting with other insects, waging hostile takeovers, etc, so, how bad to they feel right now? What about when I go to turn the compost?

But, honestly, if they invade my house then it's war.

In other news, lots is going on in the garden. Anything that looks noteworthy on flickr is a start from the nursery, but the seeds are coming along. Who knew that hours of sunlight was such an important factor? Oh, wait. I did. Doh.