15 September 2009

Drum roll, please...

Ladies and gentlemen... We have germination.

Seriously, everything has a few sprouts coming up except for the Tuscan kale, the spinach, and the red onions (who are a day behind). And the marigolds are blooming, which is nice too. But the seedlings are the best. One more:

I'm pretty psyched that this whole farming thing hasn't been derailed on the first step.

10 September 2009

Oh, internet....

How I've missed you! Sure, we still had the iPhone, but, honestly, the iPhone is not for hanging out online and randomly searching for stuff. Or blogging. Or really doing anything except proving someone (or myself) wrong about something via wikipedia. But we moved! Or I moved, and this weekend we move N. And now we live in a house. With walls. That aren't touching other houses' walls. And when I jingle my keys two crazy dogs don't go ape s**t. And R can do just about whatever he wants. And as of this afternoon we have internet.

Currently I am full of plans but empty of fundage, so I do things like stake out where raised beds will someday go, and buy seeds. Lots of seeds. And make spreadsheets. I'm thinking I'll do some photo-monitoring (because that's what I do). This is the yard as it stands. There are two apple trees and a fig, and lots of dead lawn. Things may get interesting...

The current veggie seed list includes leeks, spinach, lettuce, two kinds of kale, arugula, scallions, Swiss chard, radishes, beets, carrots, and cauliflower. There were no big onions at the hippie organic store, so we'll see. But if I find some motivation, they may all get sown tonight! Or tomorrow. Oh, temperate climates. How fun are you?