27 May 2010

Who knew?

Friends, I have surprising news: my brain has been hijacked by a crazy wedding planning person. This isn't actually all that surprising. I love parties, planning complicated things, and DIY stuff, so, really, a wedding is like a great culmination of fun things for me to obsess about. But it is a bit terrifying. Like, yesterday my cousin sent me links to EIGHT DIFFERENT WEBSITES that sell bicycle-themed wedding toppers that are not tandems. I hate to say it, but if for men the internet is for porn, for women it might be for wedding planning.

So, I either need to not talk about it here, or disconnect this blog from my "professional webpage" lest people realize that I spent several hours yesterday (1) looking for shrug knitting patterns, (2) shopping for yarn, and (3) knitting.

But, in other news, parts of the garden are going great. The weird one, though, is that my corn is tasseling at about 3 feet tall. Not good. According to the internet, corn flowering is linked to how many leaves it's put out, but its height is driven by sunlight & temperature. Hence, I plant corn too early, we have freakishly cold spring, I get diminutive corn. But supposedly it won't decrease yields. I'll let you know.

One more wedding / party planning comment: it's funny how some environmentally friendly things can make a party more expensive than normal (organic food, recycled paper invitations, providing shuttles), while others make it cheaper (not using flowers flown in from Peru, recycling, hand making stuff). Hmmm.

15 May 2010

The News!

Phew, well, yet again a couple of weeks have slipped by. But below is the epic tale of our engagement! Enjoy!

On Saturday, we drove up to Chico, CA, with the intent of pedaling in the 100-mile Chico Wildflower Century. At about 6 a.m. on Sunday I realized that I had forgotten my cycling shoes (a fairly essential part of a 100-mile ride). After a quick search for friendly cyclists with extra shoes, I conceded to try on N's size 10 (men's) shoes. With a pair of arm warmers stuffed in the toes, they weren't so bad, and so I conceded to *try* them on the ride. That left N with no shoes, but he valiantly pulled on a pair of socks, donned his flip-flops, and then duct-taped them to his feet.

At the 51-mile mark we reached the top of the last major climb, and while was I celebrating surviving, N, very unexpectedly, quieted the crowd at the rest stop, got down on one knee, and pulled out a ring! Of course I said yes, and then (since we were behind schedule due to the shoe epic) we got back on our bikes and finished the 100 miles.