25 August 2013

New Coffee Table

A while back I was inspired by this fantastic idea from the interwebs - really nice, clear instructions for building a coffee table from wooden crates from Michael's/JoAnn's plus some hardware. I'm not so in to the "vintage chic" look, but I also really like this Etsy shop that makes things out of pallets with really bold colors. So, an idea was hatched, crates were bought (and they're even made in the USA!), a can of paint was purchased (Benjamin Moore Natura semi-gloss in 'carrot stick'), and then it all languished in the garage for several months. But I finally got around to finishing it all about a month ago, and we're very happy with our new, much less fugly coffee table - having a place to put all the dog's toys and my endless knitting/crochet projects is lovely. My only words of advice are that (1) even though the crates were cheap, the wood, fittings, and castors for the bottom were a bit spendy (plus the fancy paint), so it still came out to costing probably $150 or a bit more and (2) even though the paint is "self priming," priming it first would have saved some layers, I think. Cheers!

These photos are a bit washed out - I wish our living room wasn't so dark! (and that I was a better photographer...)

In other news, I'm working on a quilt right now that I think I'm just going to keep for myself, in spite of the ever growing number of babies on the horizon. I just like it too much to give away...