30 June 2010


... from Santa Fe and road tripping. See pictures of the Grand Canyon and whatnot. Not quite done processing the experience, but came home to an excessive amount of zucchini. Learned an interesting lesson tonight about hunger beating out kitchen creativity. And the house is still not self-cleaning. Sigh.

03 June 2010

What am I forgetting?

Tomorrow I embark on the first serious solo road trip I've taken in a while. I'll be in Santa Fe, NM, for the next three weeks, learning something about "complex systems." On the way I have plans to spend a night in the Mojave, a night with friends in Flagstaff, and then two nights at the Grand Canyon on the way home (which I have never before seen! gasp!)

At the end of a pretty ridiculous search, I finally found my old-ish iPod, which will make all of this much more fun. I've gone through more than one hard drive in the past few years, and, of course, I'm not so good about backing up music, so this little device contains some music that I don't have other access to (yes, I know I could deal with this... but that takes effort and some shadiness). It will be interesting. Just me, Rowdy (the car), Sylvie (the road bike), and a bunch of random stuff (my cycling shoes are already packed).

I've already said goodbye to N and R, so now it's just parting with the garden, which will hopefully survive without me. The real news is that the center hop reached the ROOF of the garage the other day. Observe:

Awesome. The corn may be a lost cause, but I have hope for everyone else.

Here goes something!