11 January 2009

Pot Farming

Why, yes, it has been a while. BUT a few months ago I moved to the RWC, and now I find myself with more free time and the urge to cultivate. And like a good 20-something, I've chosen to blog about it (mostly for nerdy record keeping purposes). So, here's the thing. My tiny apartment walkway ("balcony" is a bit highfalutin) gets no direct winter sunlight, and it's fairly chilly (and January). So we're starting with lettuce, chard, and some herbs (lemon thyme and spicy oregano). The chard looks a bit sad right now, but I have high hopes.

IKEA also makes these sweet-as mini green houses, so we're experimenting with one lettuce and one chard in, one and one out (at least until they get too big). The soil mix is mostly sterile mulch, supplemented with about 1 T/pot of Dr. Earth's organic 5. I realize they are all too crowded (I think the recommended situation for pot gardens is 5 gallons of soil per plant...) but I have limited space, and, heck, it's lettuce. I could eat it right now if I wanted. I haven't re-potted or fertilized the herbs yet. One more picture for the purposes of documentation:

Updates hopefully to follow. Otherwise life is good. Being only a 6.5 mile bike from campus is awesome (as opposed to the 1.5 hr each way bike-train-bike system), Nathan and Rudy are stupendous, school continues, and I'm looking forward to a great spring (though it would be nice if we got a bit of winter one of these days...) I hope all is well with you, internet.